Here Are the 3 Business Ideas That Will Make You a Guru in the 21st Century

Business Ideas That Will Make

Financial stability is a burning desire in every human’s heart. No one jumps up and down with a smile when rolling on the poverty path. However, achieving this dream is not a lullaby song. In particular, the advancement in technology and artificial intelligence are weakening human opportunity for financial freedom. They are taking over your jobs.

Surprisingly, for those seeking to achieve this dream through getting married to a rich spouse, the introduction of Samantha (smart sex doll) is a threat to them. Nevertheless, all is not gone. With a good business idea, you can create your own empire and lay a strong financial foundation for your generation. Here are the top three business ideas that will make you a 21st-century guru.

i.  Developing chatbot

Have you contacted a customer service page for a particular business when you post a question, you get an answer that seems irrelevant? Sometimes you wonder whether the person got you right or what might be wrong. Most likely, you were chatting with a robot known as chatbot. In an aim to reduce their costs, companies are adopting the use of chatbot in providing customer services.

For this reason, chatbots are in high demand in the 21st century. The goodness is that you need not be a tech guru to launch your chatbot business as there are a hundred plus tools for the task.

ii. Offering social media consultancy services

As you know, the scramble for customers is no longer in the physical arena. For your business to succeed in this era, it has to enhance its brand online. Unlike the physical world, the size of your business does not matter in the online arena. How you interact and engage with clients is now the core to business success.

For this reason, more businesses are turning to social media creating opportunities for experts in this field. So, if you have a liking and passion for social media and have the capability of engaging customers, this is a business idea with great potential.

iii. Becoming online influencer

Do you have the ability to influence a crowd to take a particular action or decision? Well, in this era, companies are seeking for influencers to help them drive sales. Here, you just need to give a review or recommend people to use a certain product. And then, you earn cash in your account.

What else do you need? With these business ideas, you have the master key to becoming a 21st guru.